It Begins Tomorrow!

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To say I am excited is an understatement.  It’s hard to believe, but our annual mission trip is upon us.  Tomorrow I will depart with part of our team for Guatemala.  The rest of the team will arrive Saturday and we will travel from Guatemala City to Gualan in the afternoon.  Sunday morning we will worship and get acquainted with the work we will do and the people we will be working with and Monday we get to start building!

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things to worry and stress about between now and then, but as soon as I get strapped into my aisle seat I know I will be able to take a breath and begin to truly appreciate all that God is sure to do.  What makes trips like this so great are the people we meet and get to know in Guatemala along with the impact it has on the people who travel down from Phoenix.  While it is not necessary to travel far away to join God in what He is doing, sometimes it takes people getting out of their normal routines and comfort zones to experience it in a meaningful way.

IMG_8103We will be building three homes for families in an area called Los Limones, just outside of Gualan Guatemala.  One of the families we will be building a home for is Abel’s.  His picture is to the right.  We met Abel on the first trip we took down to Guatemala as a church and he had a huge impact on the team that met him.  Abel was a tenant farmer who grew crops to provide for his family and make things work.  Part of what made his story so powerful to us was the way he gave himself to whatever he was doing and the peace that he carried with himself regardless of the conditions he lived with.  This year, Abel will be receiving a new home for himself and his family.

There are so many stories like Abel’s, so many opportunities for God to work both through and on the people that are going down.  I can’t wait to discover what God will do as we seek to share more than just shelter with the people of Guatemala.  Keep us in your prayers as we travel, as we work, as we serve, and as we are impacted by the experiences God will give us!

I will try to post a few times from Guatemala to give you an update on how things are going.

It Begins Tomorrow!!

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